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ProRestore 21

ProRestore 21 is the ultimate multi surface building restoration cleaner. Buffered for safe use and an effective cleaner on most masonry surfaces. It is formulated with a multi surfactant package that allows ProRestore 21 to clean glass and anodized aluminum frames, making it the go to choice for building cleaning and restoration.

$27.99 per gallon

Rust Pro Rust Stain Remover

Rust Pro Rust Stain Remover is a high-quality heavy duty cleaner specially designed for rust removal.

$15.99 per gallon

*This item can not be shipped due to Hazard regulations. In-store purchase only. 

EaCo Chem OneRestore Restoration Detergent

OneRestore cleans anodized aluminum, glass, masonry, precast, stone, uncoated stainless steel, EIFS, etc... Removes vanadium, manganese, atmospheric staining, sealer overspray, concrete leaching, rust, paint wash, mineral stains, etc... Always read the product data sheet, SDS, and test prior to project. Test area must be dry after rinsing and before evaluating final results. - online orders are for 1 gallon containers  

EaCo Chem NMD 80

NMD 80 is a powerful detergent-based solution designed for safe and effective removal of mortar smears and efflorescence from masonry surfaces. It can be used on all masonry substrates including brick, stone, synthetic stone, precast concrete, designer or colored block. It works great to remove polymeric sand haze. 1 gallon - $27.90 5 gallon - $91.85

Brick Cleaner

Cleaning formula made for use on brick. Brick Cleaner concentrate must be diluted before use! Gallon - $16.99 5 Gallon - $69.99 55 Gallon - $499.00

Rust Stain Remover

Rust Stain Remover is the answer to removing ugly surface rust stains. Apply rust stain remover and watch the stains vanish. Gallon - $16.99 5 Gallon - $64.99 **Rust Stain Remover can be shipped as a FedEx Hazardous Shipment. Click below to get a shipping quote.

DWR Graffiti & Shadow Stain Remover

DWR is powerful graffiti remover that is designed for use on bare masonry surfaces. In addition to graffiti, DWR easily removes shadows and graffiti stains that remain after general graffiti removal. DWR will remove spray paints, inks, crayon, markers, acrylic paint, latex, oil based paints and other unwanted graffiti defacements.

In store purchase only

Gallon - $59.99 5 Gallon - $279.99

The Brown Stuff

The Brown Stuff is our famous heavy-duty cleaner that serves as a degreaser, stain remover and when mixed with bleach, a house wash/ house cleaner.  The Brown Stuff also can be used to clean trucks and get rid of brake dust and soap scum. It is great for cleaning houses, decks, sidewalks, driveways, buildings, and trucks. 1 Gallon - $15.99 5 Gallon - $61.99 **Shipping info: We are able to ship this item, however, it is a hazardous material that requires special hazmat shipping at an increased rate via FedEx. Contact us for a shipping quote if interested