DWR Graffiti & Shadow Stain Remover

  • Use on concrete, brick, stone & stucco
  • Removes graffiti & shadows
  • Fast acting
  • ‘Dirty Word Remover’


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DWR is powerful graffiti remover that is designed for use on bare masonry surfaces. In addition to graffiti, DWR easily removes shadows and graffiti stains that remain after general graffiti removal. DWR will remove spray paints, inks, crayon, markers, acrylic paint, latex, oil based paints and other unwanted graffiti defacements.

-This product is for use on concrete, precast, brick, stone, stucco, and other similar surfaces

-Do NOT use DWR on any polished surface or honed natural stone surfaces

-Before general application, it is imperative that a test be done, typical of job conditions, and allowed to thoroughly dry to determine compatibility and desired results.

How to Use:

  1. Apply DWR generously directly onto stain or shadow for 5-15 minutes, depending upon the degree of contamination, temperature and the surface to be cleaned. Do not dilute.
  2. Agitate the surface thoroughly and rinse with water or pressure wash.
  3. Repeat if necessary

Storage & Shelf Life:

Store in original, tightly close containers in a cool,  well ventilated area away from acids and other incompatible materials. Protect containers from physical damage.

-Read label and warnings before each use

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