Long Range Chemical Shooter Tip

The Long Range Shooter Tip will allow you to apply chemicals and save you the time, labor, and danger of using ladders or lifts. Capable of reaching 2-3 story height. "The Pocket Ladder"

Turbo Nozzle Filter w/ QC 5000 PSI

Turbo Nozzle Filter w/ QC 5000 PSI filter x 1/4 QC MTM Hydro

GP Nozzle Holder JRod 4 Way Stainless Steel 6540

• This handy tool allows you to very quickly switch between four different nozzles on one spray gun wand. • It accepts any 1/4" NPT-M thread spray nozzles and turns each one into a quick-connect tip. • Works great for changing between foam and water, reaching multiple height levels, or altering the intensity of the spray without having to carry around several individual nozzles!