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24″ Trident Hydro Twister® Surface Cleaner, 3 Caster

  • 3000-5000 PSI / 3 - 6 GPM / Deck Size 24" / Nozzles (2) 2.7 / Temp 210°F

BE 20″ Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner

This unit features a 2-nozzle spray arm. A versatile unit that can handle many surface cleaning needs.
  • 20" / 4000 PSI / 8 GPM

Hydro Tek Hose Reel, AR151

5000 PSI,  Temp 400˚F , Can hold 250' of  3/8” hose

Made in the USA

Hydro Tek Stacking Hose Reel AR325

Two stainless hose reels attached to a sturdy powder coated steel frame that conveniently bolts down to any flat surface. Includes: 1 Reel capacity of 250' x 3/8", 5000 psi, 400°F paired with a 150' inlet reel. Rustproof, chip proof, stainless steel hose reels for about the same cost as a painted one.

Hydro Tek Hose Reel AR100

3500 PSI, 250°F Max rating

Will Hold 150' of 3/8" pressure washer hose

-Stainless Steel -Made in the USA  

Solid Shaft CAT Pump – 5PP3140

4.0 GPM / 4000 PSI / 20mm Shaft / 1460 RPM

Part # SLP5PP3140-402 / Pump Model: 5PP3140

Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum Brightener is used on uncoated aluminum to remove oxidation and restore the original shine.

In store purchase only

1 Gallon - $ 13.99 5 Gallon - $55.99

Auto Shampoo

Using a blend of special surfactants, Auto Shampoo removes dirt and grime from upholstery and carpets.

In store purchase only

Quart - $7.99 Gallon - $14.99

Carnauba Cream Wax

Carnauba Cream Wax is a professional formulation that contains mild cleaners, polymers, co-polymers, and Carnauba wax which produce a deep, lustrous shine with excellent water beading and detergent resistant characteristics. Our ultimate final finish wax leaves a long lasting, protective finish. VOC compliant.

In store purchase only

Quart - $14.99

Carnauba Spray Wax

Carnauba Spray Wax produces a bright waxed appearance in the final rinse of automotive car wash systems. Carnauba Spray Wax reduces water spotting on glass, metal, and trim. Carnauba Spray Wax also works great as a lot wash for volume cleaning of vehicles. Add this product to the wash tank, spray on surfaces, and rinse with clear water.

In store purchase only

Quart - $15.99

Cheater Wax

Cheater Wax is a concentrated drying aide for detailers and all types of car and truck washes. Cheater Wax gets rid of the water quick making for less drying time. Our Cheater Wax leaves a wax like shine to vehicles surfaces.

In store purchase only

Quart - $15.99 Gallon - $25.99