Pressure Washer Buying Guide and FAQ

Our buying guide is designed to help you find the right equipment for your needs.  Even better than our buying guide is our friendly, expert staff, and we invite you to visit any of our Pressure Works locations to ask questions, see the equipment and learn more about what makes Pressure Works equipment the right choice for homeowners and businesses owners.

Should I purchase a cold or hot water power washer?

When it comes to removing dirt cold water pressure washers are great. However, a cold water pressure washer won’t clean oil and grease as well as a hot water pressure washer will.

If you aren’t tackling oil or grease stains, and time is not an issue, you should be fine with a cold water machine. Hot water is great for sanitizing, and can eliminate a significant amount of cleaning time.

How much pressure do I need?

PSI is a way of measuring how hard the water flows as it leaves the wand. You’ll want to choose your PSI based on the type of job you’re taking on. Some general tips on this:

Under 1,000 PSI: This is useful when doing jobs around your home, or doing jobs that you may not need to finish quickly.

1,000-2,000 PSI: This is for jobs like decks, siding, or light auto cleaning. If it has a surface that could be easily damaged, use this level.

2,000-3,000 PSI: This range is the most common for commercial uses. It’s great for concrete, and many industrial jobs.

3,000+ PSI: This is for agricultural jobs, and industrial machinery. This will be beneficial for heavy stains and can strip paint from metal surfaces.

Should I choose gas or electric?

While electric power washers tend to be less pricey, and easier to maintain, gas tend to have more cleaning power. Gas are also the best choice when you need portability.

If you’re attempting to clean quickly gas models will do the job much quicker. They are heavier and require a bit more maintenance. For smaller jobs, like decks, patios, and light duty work, electric power washers are ideal.

When working indoors, electric are ideal, as they do not emit exhaust.

What type of tips do I need?

Pressure washer tips are color coded. Red is 0°, yellow is 15°, green is 25°, and white is 40°.

The red nozzle is better for removing stains and debris, but should not be used on siding or wood. The stream can do damage to soft surfaces, and should not be used close to surfaces.

The yellow nozzle is good for heavy duty cleaning, such as removing dirt and paint, and can be used on most surfaces.

The green nozzle is good for clearing leaves from sidewalks and decks. When cleaning with chemicals, this nozzle is ideal.

The white nozzle is ideal for delicate surfaces. It can be used on most surfaces, without causing damage.

When choosing a nozzle, be sure and test in an inconspicuous area before beginning your project.

Which cleaners or chemicals should I choose?

Purchasing a great pressure washer is only the beginning. You’ll need the right cleaners to get the job done efficiently.

We offer a wide variety of chemicals and cleaners, and are happy to talk with you about your options.

What financing options does Pressure Works offer?

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