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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

With the amount of snow and cold temperatures that the east coast received this year, you’re probably feeling anxious and excited to get outside for warm weather fun. However, the cold weather also means that your home’s exterior needs a thorough cleaning after months of dirty slush, road salt and dead leaves in gusty winds.

Most homeowners have an idea of what they want to accomplish for indoor spring cleaning, but what needs to be done on the outside of your home? For those with a pressure washer, this task list can be completed in no time, leaving you with more time for fun and projects on the first warm day:

1. Driveway and deck: We mentioned this in our last blog post, but if you haven’t cleaned your driveway, walkways and deck after the winter storms Virginia experienced, now is the time! Road salt, rock salt and melt chemicals can damage concrete after freeze and thaw cycles open cracks.

2. Siding: If your siding is looking old and lackluster after a long winter, pressure washing your home can help restore it to a like-new state, and the job will be even easier when paired with our citrus house wash.

3. Outdoor furniture: If you left your outdoor furniture outside over the winter, it’s probably looking a little dirty or rusty. Before you host that first outdoor barbeque or relax by the pool, you’ll want to give your furniture a pressure washing to clean it off!

4. Pool: Opening your pool for the summer can take a lot of work. If you didn’t clean the pool deck before closing it for winter, it probably has a healthy level of grime on its surface. Your pressure washer can make cleaning your pool surround faster and easier than ever.

5. Fencing: Wooden fencing can be difficult to clean with anything but a pressure washer, and having a bright, clean fence will make those spring flowers stand out beautifully.

If you have questions about useful accessories or your pressure washer, contact your nearest Pressure Works location, or use our online form.