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The differences in pressure washers can be confusing to a new equipment buyer, especially someone who hasn’t worked with them before. You’ll probably have a lot of questions when viewing different models online: Do you need hot water or cold water? Electric or gas? Will a residential machine still work for a business? And the biggest question of all: What PSI do you need?

When you finally narrow your choices down and decide which type of machine you want, one of the last factors you’ll need to decide on is the amount of pressure you want coming from your machine. Most residential pressure washers listed on our website are below 3000 PSI, while the commercial machines listed can reach up to 5000 PSI. From this, you can probably gather that the stronger the PSI, the bigger the job.

Pressure washers with a lower PSI (in the 1000’s) will be better for smaller tasks like cleaning the grill, washing caked mud off of equipment and bicycles, or cleaning lawn furniture. While a higher PSI will still be effective on these items, they can cost more money and might not be worth the price point unless you are also cleaning larger areas.

Pressure washers with a PSI in the 2000-3000 range are great for bigger residential projects like cars, siding, fencing, driveways and walkways. This will ensure that while also clearing surfaces of dirt and grim, you are riding them of tough stains and mildew.

Pressure washers with a high PSI (over 3000) are suited for commercial jobs. Even heavy grease stains, graffiti and paint won’t stand up to a commercial pressure washer! If your business offers pressure washing services, investing in a machine with a high PSI will make your job easier.

If you’re ready to purchase a pressure washer or have more questions for one of our experts, contact your nearest Pressure Works location or fill out our online form.