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Which GPM is Right for You?

Last month, we wrote about the different levels of PSI and how they can help you determine which pressure washer you should purchase for your tasks. Although PSI is a good measure of what you’ll need, there are a few other factors as well, including GPM.

GPM, or Gallons Per Minute, is the amount of water that is released once you start using your pressure washer. Though the PSI will determine how much pressure is directed at whatever object you’re cleaning, the GPM is just as important, if not more! A good GPM rating means that you’ll spend less time cleaning, and together with the PSI makes up your pressure washer’s Cleaning Units.

So, how do you determine which GPM is right for you?

You’ll want to take into account a few other factors about the jobs you’ll be using your pressure washer for. For instance, if you’re a commercial pressure washing company, you’ll probably want a machine with a higher GPM, even if you end up with a lower PSI. Since you have a lot of surfaces to cover and will probably be using cleaners that will assist in removing grime, a higher GPM will help you get the job done quickly! Thankfully, Pressure Works offers many commercial options, and our experts can help you find the one that is right for your business.

For residential models, keep the same factors in mind. Will you be using cleaners and chemicals with your pressure washer? If you’re cleaning your car or driveway, you most likely won’t need a pressure washer with GPM of over 3.0, because you have much less surface area to cover.

If you’re ready to purchase a pressure washer or have more questions for one of our experts, contact your nearest Pressure Works location or fill out our online form.