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When you start looking for a pressure washer, don’t just focus on the PSI. While it’s a good place to start, there are a few other factors to know as well. GPM or Gallons Per Minute, is just as important! Together, GPM and PSI make up your pressure washer’s Cleaning Units and both are key. 

The PSI determines how much pressure is directed at the object you’re cleaning. GPM is the amount of water released by the pressure washer once you start using it, also known as the flow rate. 

The higher the GPM, the more surface area a pressure washer cleans at one time. With the correct GPM selected, your pressure washing job becomes much easier. Just keep in mind, that a higher GPM lowers your PSI. 

 So, how do you determine which GPM is right for you? Take into account the types of jobs you’ll do. 

 A commercial pressure washing company will want a machine with a higher GPM, even if that means a lower PSI. Industrial and commercial pressure washing companies typically encounter large surfaces, like parking lots or retail buildings. A high water flow means technicians cover more surface at a time, while the use of concentrated industrial cleaners makes up for reduced f PSI. Pressure Works offers many commercial options for washers and cleaners, and our experts can help find the right tools for your business.

 Sticking with residential jobs won’t require a high GPM, but keep the same factors in mind. Do you have a lot of surface to cover or will a higher PSI come in handy? Will you use cleaners and chemicals? Cleaning your car or driveway means much less surface area to cover, so you won’t need a pressure washer with GPM over 3.0. 

If you’re ready to purchase a pressure washer or have more questions for one of our experts, contact your nearest Pressure Works location  (link to locations page) or fill out our online form.