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Three Signs Your Commercial Property Needs a Pressure Wash 

Taking care of a commercial property doesn’t have to mean costly repairs or major renovations. If you pay attention and act proactively, maintaining your property can be as simple as regular deep cleaning. Preventative maintenance adds up to big savings over time.

Avoid big issues and save money by understanding these three signs that your property needs a powerwash.

1: Your Sidewalks or Surfaces Are Spotted with Gum

Gum is a huge nuisance for property owners. Not because it’s bad for mouths, but because it presents a major problem for retail locations. It’s a popular treat that doubles as a consistent problem for outdoor surfaces. Gum quickly hardens in place on sidewalks, patios and parking lots. Eventually, gum spots accumulate, grow bigger and make a property look dirty and unkempt. 

Once gum hardens, it becomes extremely difficult to remove without lots of time and effort. Pressure washing with the correct tools and chemicals, like our Gum Buster, makes getting rid of the chewy treat easier. 

Learn more about using the chemical here: https://pressureworksinc.com/product/gum-buster/

2: You Have Stains on Your Concrete

There are plenty of substances that can stain your concrete, from oil and rust to decomposing leaves. With each new contaminant there is a different kind of stain to conquer. 

Property owners spend countless hours investing in one cleaning product after another to remove these eyesores, only to walk away disappointed. Power washing is a different ballgame. The combination of hot water, focused pressure and the correct cleaner will get rid of a wide range of stubborn stains.

What is Pressure Works recommended substance for cleaning concrete? Check out our Super Concrete Cleaner!

3: Your Parking Lot Lines Are Getting Lost

When you first build and paint a parking lot, the lines are satisfyingly pristine. It creates a professional first impression to be proud of. Inevitably, vehicles and pedestrians will cover the new lot with a layer of dirt and grime. The filth might be hard to see on the blacktop, but it’s quite obvious when it covers up those once bright lines. 

Upon seeing the buildup, property owners begin looking for a painter to fix the lot. Not so fast! Power washing easily clears away that dirt, making your lot lines  visible once again and saving heaps of money. 

Anyone with a retail location understands the importance of making a great impression on visitors and passersby. In many cases, property owners are convinced that there’s no better way to get their exterior back to a brand new look without spending a lot of money. 

At Pressure Works, we disagree. By paying attention to the signs, you can maintain your property so it looks great, while preventing large issues from accumulating at the same time. All you need is the right tools and cleaners or chemicals. Visit a Pressure Works location near you for expert guidance on getting your property in top shape once again.