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Most of us are currently hunkering down at home! That means, your list of spring cleaning to-do’s is likely filled with even more mundane tasks – and extra deep cleaning this year. From sanitizing and cleaning your outdoor fixtures, your jobs don’t stop. What if spring cleaning went a lot faster? Not only can it go fast, but we know how to actually make it enjoyable! Knock out your tasks with a residential pressure washer!

Pressure Washers do a lot more than just clean the exterior of your home or surface of your patio. Here is a list of sometimes surprising tasks that a residential pressure washer quickly accomplishes:

  1. Clean the Grill: Grilling is an enjoyable and family-friendly springtime activity, but cleaning the grill is the exact opposite. Unfortunately, after a long winter, cleaning your machine is necessary before firing up the barbeque. Skip hours of scrubbing by hand or low-pressure rinsing with a garden hose. Use your pressure washer! That’s right, power washing your grill cuts down on time, cleans it more efficiently and keeps your hands coal-free. With the right cleaning solutions, caked-on grease is a thing of the past.
  2. Boat Upkeep If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, a power washer is a surprisingly essential tool. Although many do it, cleaning it with your hands is time-consuming and painstaking. A pressure washer combined with the correct chemical allows easier access to hard-to-reach places and a deeper clean. For anyone worried about too much pressure hurting their prized craft, using different nozzles (link to nozzles page) ensures pressure stays in a safe range. 
  3. Fence Maintenance: You may not realize it, but a dirty fence overwhelmingly reflects negligent property upkeep. That’s because it’s the first thing visitors and passers-by see. If you want to maintain curb appeal or just prevent your home from being the dirtiest on the block, your fence is an obvious place to start. Fortunately, cleaning your fence is one of the easiest power washer uses. As long as you maintain the correct pressure, just blast any and all dirt and grime off. 

Spend more time enjoying your spring rather than working around the house. If you want to find the best pressure washer for your home and budget, visit a Pressure Works near you (link to locations page). Our experts can help answer questions and fit you with the right tools to get your to-do list done!