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Spring is finally here, and it may just be one of the most exciting seasons of the year. Nothing is better than driving home from work knowing it will still be light out for another hour, or walking out of your door in the morning and smelling fresh flowers blooming. It also marks the beginning of warm weather, and more time outdoors enjoying the sun and spending time with your family. However, the transition from winter to spring means one more thing: more home tasks.

If you winterized your home at the end of last fall, it’s time to prepare it again for warmer temperatures and outdoor fun. Here are a few tasks you’ll want to complete:

  1. Get organized. There’s a large chance you spent little time in your garage over the winter, and that it turned into a storage space for your landscaping tools, equipment and even knickknacks that you meant to donate months ago. Get organized and be ready for the new season by cleaning up your garage, servicing your pressure washer and other equipment, and locating everything you’ll use throughout the warmer seasons.
  2. Clean. Just as you do your spring cleaning indoors, you’ll need to do tidy up outdoors as well. This may involve clearing your gutters before April showers begin, pressure washing your driveway, outdoor furniture, walkways and siding, and even wiping down the mailbox and front door.
  3. Spruce up your landscaping. Whether you have overgrowth that you didn’t get to last fall, or new sprouts as the season begins, you’ll want to talk a walk around your yard and do any weeding. Then, spruce up your landscaping – this month is the time to begin planting your spring and summer garden.

As you complete your spring home tasks, stop by your nearest Pressure Works location for any pressure washing equipment (we offer rentals), accessory and cleaner needs. Our experts can offer professional advice to get the most out of your pressure washer.