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Spring is almost here, and it may just be one of the most exciting times of the year for pressure washers! Nothing is better than knowing it will still be light out when getting home from work or knowing each day will be a little warmer than the last.

Warmer weather also means you can get back outside and accomplish the much-needed tasks around the house. If the transition from winter to spring leaves you feeling overwhelmed, let us help you determine where to start.

  1. Organize and Prepare
    Before it gets really warm outside, you have time to focus on the interior of your home. Get organized and be ready for the new season by cleaning up your garage, servicing your pressure washer and other equipment, and locating everything you’ll use throughout the warmer seasons. Additionally, visit a Pressure Works location near you to stock up on your favorite chemicals, cleaners and tools you expect you’ll be using this spring and summer.
    2. Move Outside
    Once the time changes and it gets warmer, it’s time to move outside! The earlier you can get out the better before warm and wet conditions start excelling the spread of mold and fungi. Make sure you hit the important spaces of your home to maintain your curb appeal. That means starting with gutters, siding, driveway and deck. Later, move on to the small lawn furniture, walkways, mailbox and yard toys.
    3. Your Car
    Our cars usually take quite a beating during the winter. Few people get outside in the cold to remove road salt and other dirt that builds up over time. That means, your car likely has a dusty coating. If you take your car to the car wash, it’s time to stop! As we explained in a previous post, car washes can do more harm than good. Make your vehicle shine just in time for a drive up the boardwalk with a pressure wash. Don’t forget to grab the right chemicals from Pressure Works.

As you complete your spring home tasks, stop by your nearest Pressure Works location for any pressure washing equipment (we offer rentals), accessory and cleaner needs. Our experts can offer professional advice to get the most out of your pressure washer.