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Renew Your Deck with Super Deck Stripper

Has your deck seen too many summers? With backyard parties returning, the last thing you want is an embarrassing, weathered patio. Decks and patios are the center of your outdoor living space and it’s obvious when they’re left unattended. They withstand an extreme amount of wear and after years of rain, sun and wind, they just don’t look the same.

You don’t need to replace your deck entirely if you want a revamp, though. Much of the visible damage happens to the paint or stain coating, rather than the wood. That means, renewing this outdoor focal point often just takes a new coat of paint or stain.

Before giving your deck a fresh look, it’s important to remove the old finish. Painting over previous layers prevents paint from bonding correctly with the deck surface and the new coat won’t last. The best method is stripping your deck first. Normally, stripping worn paint or stain is a tedious job. There are multiple steps, days of waiting and close contact with dangerous chemicals. But not at Pressure Works. We complete the job quickly by choosing the correct pressure washer and using our Super Stain Stripper.

Super Deck Stripper is a concentrated, professional grade deck stripper. It’s meant for removing most oil-based and waterborne deck stains, sealers and paints.

Using Super Stain Remover:

Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear:
Find the safety instructions on the label and follow protective gear guidelines. This includes closed eye protection, gloves, and waterproof footwear and clothing

Apply Super Deck Stripper:
Apply Super Deck Stripper to the deck through the chemical or soap injector of your pressure washer. For smaller areas, or if you’re worried about runoff, use a hand help pump spray for the application. We recommend covering a small test section in an unnoticeable area before treating the entire deck.

Choose The Correct Pressure and Nozzle:
With our deck stripper, you don’t need the high psi recommended in other pressure washing stripping methods. The professional grade strength breaks down much of the paint before you get to it. Opt for 1,000 psi and avoid the risk of damaging your deck surface. The 15-degree tip and the 25-degree tips are common for stripping paint. The spray of the 0-degree tip removes the paint but damages wood. Again, we recommend testing a small section of the deck first.

Remove Super Deck Stripper:
Once you set the correct psi and correct nozzle, it’s time to remove Super Deck Stripper from the deck. Keep the tip 6 to 10 in. from the wood and work from the top down, spraying any railings first. Spray one deck board at a time, using a gentle sweeping motion. Try to avoid sudden stops. Work from one end of the deck toward the exit. Once completed, rinse the entire deck with a garden hose. Finally, use a neutralizing agent (according to manufacturers instructions) to eliminate the chemical, restore the pH of the wood and ensure the new layer of paint will stick.

Learn more about the Super Deck Stripper, here.

For more information and tips on using our wide range of professional grade chemicals and cleaners, give us a call or find the Pressure Works location nearest you.