Soft Wash Spray System – 10 GPM

Soft Wash Chemical Sprayer is a 10 GPM, 300 PSI, 100 Gallons Tank Sprayer with a Comet Diaphragm Pump. Soft Wash Spray Systems are low pressure chemical applicators designed for cleaning roofs, building exteriors, driveways, screen enclosures, wood decks, fences, vinyl sliding or any sensitive surfaces to remove bacteria, molds, mildews, moss, fungus and algae when pressure washing is not feasible.

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Comes complete with the following Standard features:

  • Gear Drive Comet pump
  • 100 gallon poly tank/skid self-contained system
  • Lightweight, rustproof modular aluminum skid with lifetime warranty
  • Durable corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel hose reel
  • Exclusive Tank-less Clean-N-Flush Valve
  • Rugged GX200 Honda Commercial Engine
  • 400′ x 3/8″ chemical application hose
  • Adjustable Spray Gun with up to 30′ spray distance