Hydro Tek Gas Powered Vacuum Recovery System (Completely Self Contained)

Two new models now available in the Hydro Tek RGV Gas Vac product line. The RGV Gas Vac is an engine powered, water recovery system with pump out.  It can be used with either one or two separate pickup devices and is ideal for facilities maintenance contractors who need to collect wash water or for restoration contractors who need to pick up water after a fire or flood. More information below

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The unique polyethylene separation tanks are non-corrosive, weigh significantly less than 50 gallon steel drums, and have access to the inside for periodic cleaning & maintenance with a quick lift-off lid.  Open the large 1½” valve to purge sludge/solids that settle at the bottom.  Each separation tank has an automatic transfer system which pumps the water out to your bulk tank, landscape, or sanitary sewer where permitted, no heavy tipping to dump your tanks.


  • Completely self-contained. Does not need a generator or 110v plug for the transfer pumps. Transfer pumps connect to an on-board 12v battery
  • Air throttle valve, on vacuum tanks, for precise control of air flow when using different pickup devices or varying hose lengths
  • Quick-plug connectors for transfer pumps & high water shutdown
  • Recovers up to 25gpm, use 350’ total hose length – Use with one or two pickup devices
  • Small footprint with fuel tank and battery box integrated into frame while keeping a small footprint
  • Lift-out strainer basket removes large debris before emptying into separation tank to protect transfer pump
  • Vacuum and pump out simultaneously and automatically, no loss of suction or lost time dumping tanks
  • Requires 2” diameter vacuum hose and 2” diameter discharge hose

Optional:  Solids/Sand separator tank (#ATP36)
Optional:  Modular filtration system (#RPF15E1)
Optional:   your choice of recovery surface cleaner, vacuum berms and accessories

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RGV40H12: Honda GX630, RGV40V12: Vanguard 627cc