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Our Last-Minute Gift Guide

By December 16, 2018Uncategorized

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time to show your friends and family how thankful you are for them and how much you appreciate them. It’s the season of giving, but there are always a few people that are just impossible to shop for. Thankfully, there is always the option to gift someone an item that is useful and will make their life easier. Here are our top gifts for homeowners:

Residential Pressure Washer: What is the one thing every homeowner wish they had to make chores easier, but may never buy for themselves? A pressure washer! If you have that friend or family member that always seems to be borrowing your pressure washer or renting one, this is the perfect gift.

Accessories: If you have that friend who loves to tinker, build things or try new projects, or are looking for something that will get jobs done faster to put on your own wish list, pressure washer accessories can make a great gift. Whether it’s a gutter wand for the clumsy friend who shouldn’t be on a ladder, or a new nozzle for your spouse who hates washing their car, Pressure Works has what you need!

Your Own Expertise: Remember when you were a kid and gave “coupons” as holiday presents? Well, they still make great last-minute gifts! If your holiday funds are low, you can always offer your own expertise and help your friend or family member pressure wash their driveway or siding. Just be sure to put an expiration date on your coupon…

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