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If you’ve read our guides to choosing the right pressure washer based on GPM and PSI, you are probably already familiar with the different types of pressure washers available. But, what about hot and cold water pressure washers?

Just like pressure washers with different gallons per minute and PSI, hot and cold pressure washers are both suited for different tasks. Most residential pressure washers we offer are cold water, while many more of the commercial pressure washers we offer use hot water.

This is because hot water pressure washers have a higher cost and are better suited for bigger jobs with tougher grime. It takes more energy to heat the water, but the higher temperature helps break down grime faster – great for cleaning away grease and oil on engines and vehicles, construction equipment and even commercial kitchen equipment. The extra energy cost is completely worth the time you save on cleaning, and the results.

Of course, not all commercial pressure washers use hot water. For tasks like cleaning away caked dirt, graffiti or mildew, cold water, with the right cleaning solutions, will do the trick.

The best way to decide which pressure washer is right for you is to determine what tasks you will be using it for the most. If you are looking at residential machines to clean your driveway and siding, but plan to clean your grill every once in a while, a cold water pressure washer is probably your best option. Choosing the right cleaners can help with tougher stains, and you can also look into renting equipment for those special jobs. If you are a business owner who sees a lot of grease, hot water is likely the best option for you.

If you still aren’t sure, the experts at Pressure Works are here to help find the right machine for you. Stop by your nearest Pressure Works location, or fill out our online form to talk to one of our specialists.