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Gas or Electric: Which Pressure Washer Is Better?

Previously on our blog we have reviewed the different types of pressure washers available based on GPM, PSI and water temperature. However, there is one more choice to make when finding the right machine for the job ahead: gas, or electric?

Gas and electric pressure washers have their strengths and weaknesses that make them right for one type of job over another – we offer both to help find the best option for you! Here are a few questions to keep in mind when deciding which to choose:

  • Are you on a budget? Gas pressure washers require more maintenance, and therefore cost more. You’ll need to replace the engine oil, inspect plugs and filters and carefully care for the fuel system.
  • How tough is the job? Gas pressure washers tend to have more cleaning power, reaching a higher PSI.
  • Do you need something portable? Gas pressure washers can be used anywhere, while electric pressure washers require an outlet, and are limited to the length of the power cord. A homeowner should be fine with an electric model, but those running a business may require more location flexibility.
  • How often will you use your machine? Electric pressure washers are easy to quickly grab and plug in – if you are using it around your home often, this is easier than maintaining a gas model. If being used commercially in a pressure washing business, you’ll probably want a gas model for its durability – the extra maintenance will pay for itself over time!

Ultimately, neither pressure washer is “better” than the other – they are both effective at removing grime, but one can be better suited for certain tasks.

If you still aren’t sure, the experts at Pressure Works are here to help find the right machine for you. Stop by your nearest Pressure Works location, or fill out our online form to talk to one of our specialists.