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Pressure Washing Tips

Surprsing Spring Solutions

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Most of us are currently hunkering down at home! That means, your list of spring cleaning to-do’s is likely filled with even more mundane tasks – and extra deep cleaning this year. From sanitizing and cleaning your outdoor fixtures, your jobs don’t stop. What if spring cleaning went a lot faster? Not only can it go fast, but we know how to actually make it enjoyable! Knock out your tasks with a residential pressure washer!

Pressure Washers do a lot more than just clean the exterior of your home or surface of your patio. Here is a list of sometimes surprising tasks that a residential pressure washer quickly accomplishes:

  1. Clean the Grill: Grilling is an enjoyable and family-friendly springtime activity, but cleaning the grill is the exact opposite. Unfortunately, after a long winter, cleaning your machine is necessary before firing up the barbeque. Skip hours of scrubbing by hand or low-pressure rinsing with a garden hose. Use your pressure washer! That’s right, power washing your grill cuts down on time, cleans it more efficiently and keeps your hands coal-free. With the right cleaning solutions, caked-on grease is a thing of the past.
  2. Boat Upkeep If you’re lucky enough to own a boat, a power washer is a surprisingly essential tool. Although many do it, cleaning it with your hands is time-consuming and painstaking. A pressure washer combined with the correct chemical allows easier access to hard-to-reach places and a deeper clean. For anyone worried about too much pressure hurting their prized craft, using different nozzles (link to nozzles page) ensures pressure stays in a safe range. 
  3. Fence Maintenance: You may not realize it, but a dirty fence overwhelmingly reflects negligent property upkeep. That’s because it’s the first thing visitors and passers-by see. If you want to maintain curb appeal or just prevent your home from being the dirtiest on the block, your fence is an obvious place to start. Fortunately, cleaning your fence is one of the easiest power washer uses. As long as you maintain the correct pressure, just blast any and all dirt and grime off. 

Spend more time enjoying your spring rather than working around the house. If you want to find the best pressure washer for your home and budget, visit a Pressure Works near you (link to locations page). Our experts can help answer questions and fit you with the right tools to get your to-do list done!

Spring Home Tasks

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Spring is almost here, and it may just be one of the most exciting times of the year for pressure washers! Nothing is better than knowing it will still be light out when getting home from work or knowing each day will be a little warmer than the last.

Warmer weather also means you can get back outside and accomplish the much-needed tasks around the house. If the transition from winter to spring leaves you feeling overwhelmed, let us help you determine where to start.

  1. Organize and Prepare
    Before it gets really warm outside, you have time to focus on the interior of your home. Get organized and be ready for the new season by cleaning up your garage, servicing your pressure washer and other equipment, and locating everything you’ll use throughout the warmer seasons. Additionally, visit a Pressure Works location near you to stock up on your favorite chemicals, cleaners and tools you expect you’ll be using this spring and summer.
    2. Move Outside
    Once the time changes and it gets warmer, it’s time to move outside! The earlier you can get out the better before warm and wet conditions start excelling the spread of mold and fungi. Make sure you hit the important spaces of your home to maintain your curb appeal. That means starting with gutters, siding, driveway and deck. Later, move on to the small lawn furniture, walkways, mailbox and yard toys.
    3. Your Car
    Our cars usually take quite a beating during the winter. Few people get outside in the cold to remove road salt and other dirt that builds up over time. That means, your car likely has a dusty coating. If you take your car to the car wash, it’s time to stop! As we explained in a previous post, car washes can do more harm than good. Make your vehicle shine just in time for a drive up the boardwalk with a pressure wash. Don’t forget to grab the right chemicals from Pressure Works.

As you complete your spring home tasks, stop by your nearest Pressure Works location for any pressure washing equipment (we offer rentals), accessory and cleaner needs. Our experts can offer professional advice to get the most out of your pressure washer.

Three Signs Your Commercial Property Needs a Pressure Wash 

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Taking care of a commercial property doesn’t have to mean costly repairs or major renovations. If you pay attention and act proactively, maintaining your property can be as simple as regular deep cleaning. Preventative maintenance adds up to big savings over time.

Avoid big issues and save money by understanding these three signs that your property needs a powerwash.

1: Your Sidewalks or Surfaces Are Spotted with Gum

Gum is a huge nuisance for property owners. Not because it’s bad for mouths, but because it presents a major problem for retail locations. It’s a popular treat that doubles as a consistent problem for outdoor surfaces. Gum quickly hardens in place on sidewalks, patios and parking lots. Eventually, gum spots accumulate, grow bigger and make a property look dirty and unkempt. 

Once gum hardens, it becomes extremely difficult to remove without lots of time and effort. Pressure washing with the correct tools and chemicals, like our Gum Buster, makes getting rid of the chewy treat easier. 

Learn more about using the chemical here: https://pressureworksinc.com/product/gum-buster/

2: You Have Stains on Your Concrete

There are plenty of substances that can stain your concrete, from oil and rust to decomposing leaves. With each new contaminant there is a different kind of stain to conquer. 

Property owners spend countless hours investing in one cleaning product after another to remove these eyesores, only to walk away disappointed. Power washing is a different ballgame. The combination of hot water, focused pressure and the correct cleaner will get rid of a wide range of stubborn stains.

What is Pressure Works recommended substance for cleaning concrete? Check out our Super Concrete Cleaner!

3: Your Parking Lot Lines Are Getting Lost

When you first build and paint a parking lot, the lines are satisfyingly pristine. It creates a professional first impression to be proud of. Inevitably, vehicles and pedestrians will cover the new lot with a layer of dirt and grime. The filth might be hard to see on the blacktop, but it’s quite obvious when it covers up those once bright lines. 

Upon seeing the buildup, property owners begin looking for a painter to fix the lot. Not so fast! Power washing easily clears away that dirt, making your lot lines  visible once again and saving heaps of money. 

Anyone with a retail location understands the importance of making a great impression on visitors and passersby. In many cases, property owners are convinced that there’s no better way to get their exterior back to a brand new look without spending a lot of money. 

At Pressure Works, we disagree. By paying attention to the signs, you can maintain your property so it looks great, while preventing large issues from accumulating at the same time. All you need is the right tools and cleaners or chemicals. Visit a Pressure Works location near you for expert guidance on getting your property in top shape once again.

New Home for the Holidays!

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Are you planning to start the new year with resolutions to improve your heath, become more organized or spend more time with family? They key to sticking with your New Year’s goals is starting with a clean slate – getting rid of those cookies in the pantry, purchasing a planner, opening a savings account, etc. The same is true for your home!

If one of your goals for the year is to finally have the home you want, it’s best to start by cleaning and getting rid of the old. New, beautiful landscaping or a fresh coat of paint on the front door won’t stand out much if you still have mildew on your siding or grease stains on the driveway. If you’re ready for a new home this New Year’s, start with a deep clean of the exterior. Here is what we suggest:

Pressure wash, then paint. If you want to change the look of your home without a renovation with new materials, painting it can do the trick! However, it’s important to make sure the surface underneath the new paint is clean for a uniform coating.

Clean your concrete. Just as you would vacuum or mop indoors to make your home look cleaner and bright, pressure washing your driveway and walkway can transform your home’s exterior.

Gut the gutters. Clogged gutters can not only lead to damage and annoying water runoff on a rainy day, but they can also leave streaks of dirt and debris on your freshly cleaned siding. Cleaning them will keep your home fresh and in good shape, and using your pressure washer will make this task much easier.

Once your home is clean and fresh, you’re ready to start on those resolutions for your home to start enjoying them once it’s finally warm again. If you have questions about useful accessories or your pressure washer, contact your nearest Pressure Works location, or use our online form.

Pressure Washing for the Holidays

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Are you getting ready to host friends and family during the busy holiday season? It’s enjoyable to provide a gathering place for loved ones, but can be stressful. That’s because preparing a home to look its best is usually a very daunting task. 

Fortunately, if you own a pressure washer (or if you are close to a Pressure Works location where you can rent one) this job just got much easier. You don’t have to repaint, add new landscaping or spend hours cleaning the exterior of your home to get it looking like new! 

Here are a few quick ways to freshen your home for guests and visitors this holiday season: 

  1. Pressure wash siding. If you want to change the look of your home without a renovation with new materials, power washing your siding does the trick. By spending time removing mildew left over from the warmer months, you’ll reveal the clean paint job underneath. 
  2. Clean your concrete. Just as you would vacuum or mop indoors to make your home look cleaner and bright, pressure washing your driveway and walkway can transform your home’s exterior.
  3. Gut the gutters. Clogged gutters can not only lead to damage and annoying water runoff on a rainy day, but they can also leave streaks of dirt and debris on your freshly cleaned siding. Cleaning them will keep your home fresh and help your home look great! Additionally, you’ll prevent a variety of issues that happens when that debris is left to fester over the winter. If you want to stay off the ladder, check out our gutter wand attachments! 
  4. Add Decoration: The final step of any exterior holiday preparation, is getting into the spirit. You don’t have to go overboard, but hanging a wreath or two and adding a few lights will spark joy for everyone coming to visit. 

Once your home is clean and fresh, you’re ready to start welcoming guests to a warm and welcoming home. If you have questions about useful accessories for your pressure washer, contact your nearest Pressure Works location, or use our online form.

Fall cleaning tip pressure works

The Pressure Works Tools You Need this Fall

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With seasonal changes, comes a change of tools in the world of pressure washing. By giving yourself the instruments required to finish seasonal jobs, you’ll get the most out of your pressure washer and be able to offer more services. Wondering what you might need to grab? Think ahead to the types of tasks you’ll do this fall and winter. Here’s our fall checklist and tool suggestions for getting each job done:

1. Make sure you can use your lawn equipment, toys and patio furniture year after year by cleaning them before putting them in storage. Doing it by hand, though, is extremely tedious and rarely done. With a pressure washer, it’s fast. Remove the debris that deteriorates and stains the surfaces of your outdoor items, and keep them in good shape. Additionally, on the first warm day of spring, you can get everything out without having to clean again! We suggest using Pressure Works favorite cleaner, The Brown Stuff, to ensure everything gets thoroughly washed.

2. Pressure wash your driveway, walkway and siding. Preparing your home for colder seasons is a big deal. You don’t want a summer of grease stains, mildew and dirt to be freezing under the harsh winter weather. Also, cleaning your exteriors will make your home shine just in time for visits from neighborhood trick-or-treaters and family or friends.

3. Clear out your gutters. Keeping your gutter system clear of debris is the best way to extend its life and fall is the worst season for gutters. It’s usually when long-term issues originate. Cleaning your gutters is one of the more tedious fall tasks, but using your pressure washer makes it easier. Our favorite fall tool is the gutter cleaning wand! With this tool,  you’ll actually want to clean them out. And, you’ll be surprised at how long your system lasts with this regular maintenance.

4. Clean and close the pool. If you have a pool, you already know how much maintenance they take. So, now the summer fun is over and it’s time to clean and close your pool! Switch to a delicate, low-pressure spray pattern and flush the residue from the walls, working from the top down.

Remember, your pressure washer will be useful throughout the fall season, especially for wet sweeping leaves. When the season is over, be sure to check out our tips on storing your equipment during winter.

3 Reasons To Skip the Drive-Through Car Wash

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Do you want a car that actually looks better after it’s washed? Then think twice before you drive through a car wash. Those side-of-the-road conveniences tend to do more harm than good. Even if you go through one time, the whipping brushes, acid-etching chemicals and mineral deposits will ultimately wreck the exterior of your vehicle. Here’s what happens while you’re parked in the car wash: 

Abrasive Brushes:
Older car washes have abrasive bristles and newer locations label themselves “brushless”. No matter how they identify, all can cause trouble to your car’s exterior. They’re often full of dirt and grit left over from all the vehicles that drove through before you because the brushes don’t get washed between jobs. So, where will all grime end up? Blasted against the side of your car, leaving you with nothing but a dull paint job.

Harsh Chemicals
Do you know anything about chemicals the car washes spray on your vehicle? Most people don’t. Typically, it’s harsh cleaners that are rarely diluted properly. The result? A car that shines for twenty minutes then quickly reveals etches and markings in the windows, mirrors and chrome accents.

Misdirected Pressure
Older vehicles belong at drive-in movies, not car washes. The rough machines roll right over delicate fixtures, like exposed antennas and fragile side mirrors, bending and even breaking classic features.

Vehicles are a big investment and if you clean them right, they look brand new for years to come. They way to do it? Correct pressure washing. Not only is it easy but quick and safe for your car. Skip the abrasive brushes, select the cleaner and nozzle best suited for your needs and just spray. At Pressure Works, you can rent or buy the perfect washer for your needs and choose one of our specially formulated automotive cleaners.

Visit a Pressure Works location near you to learn more about cleaning your vehicle, inside and out, using our equipment and chemicals to get the job done. 



What is GPM?

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When you start looking for a pressure washer, don’t just focus on the PSI. While it’s a good place to start, there are a few other factors to know as well. GPM or Gallons Per Minute, is just as important! Together, GPM and PSI make up your pressure washer’s Cleaning Units and both are key. 

The PSI determines how much pressure is directed at the object you’re cleaning. GPM is the amount of water released by the pressure washer once you start using it, also known as the flow rate.  Read More