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New for 2017: Hydro Tek!!


Pressure Works is pleased to announce it is now a Hydro Tek dealer! Hydro Tek allows us to offer a full line of pressure washing water reclamation systems and filtration units. We will be stocking reclamation products and machines in our stores, and we will have access to Hyrdro Tek’s full line on top of our existing quality line of pressure washing equipment. Call your local Pressure Works for details!

Check out the Hydro Tek YouTube page to see some of Hydro Tek’s equipment in action!



UpKeeper Gutter Cleaning System

By | NEW ARRIVALS, UpKeeper Gutter Cleaning

UpKeeper Gutter Cleaning System

This unit is powered by a reliable Honda GC190 gas motor. Included is a suction hose with various extensions and vacuum heads, allowing one man to clean a three story gutter from the ground!

The unit has a self-contained bagging system which effectively pulls wet and dry leaves and separates water. Very safe, easy to use, and also doubles as a leaf blower. This powerful machine does not miss a beat no matter what is lurking in your gutter!