House and Residential Cleaning Chemicals

House and Residential Cleaners

The Brown Stuff

The Brown Stuff is a heavy-duty cleaner that serves as a degreaser, stain remover and when mixed with bleach, a house wash / house cleaner.  The Brown Stuff also can be used to clean trucks and get rid of brake dust and soap scum. **Not recommended for use on Aluminum surfaces. If you have been looking for a great house wash dryvit or vinyl siding) this is it. The brown stuff mixes with bleach to clean and remove mold, mildew and algae. This house cleaning product makes removal of spider webs a breeze. This house wash helps prevent spotting and streaks on windows. The brown stuff residential wash neutralizes bleach to help protect nearby vegetation. This residential cleaner easily cleans wood decks, fences and concrete. Decks sealers can be stripped by using 100% of the Brown Stuff solution. The Brown Stuff residential cleaner is a biodegradeable and phosphate cleaner. This product will become a mainstay for your residential pressure cleaning business.

Gutter Klean 
Gutter Klean is a Non-Corrosive house cleaner that removes black streaks from gutters, trailers and RVs.  It may also be used as a degreaser. Do you have those ugly black streaks that just won't come off of your gutters? We have the solution. Gutter Klean is a concentrated product, designed to aid in the removal of stains on Gutters. Simply apply product to gutters and rinse with water. Be sure to ask about the Marxs Off Gutter tool that we offer to make this job even easier.

M1 Roof Cleaner Concentrate
M1 Roof Cleaner Concentrate is for used to remove stains on tile, asphalt shingle and cedar shake roofs. Roof Cleaner / Stain Remover Concentrate will not harm or discolor shingles or asphalt shingles and requires no brushing or scrubbing.

AK 99 Rust Remover
Have you been searching for a solution to stubborn rust stains? Rust stain remover is the answer to removing ugly surface rust stains. One Sprinkle rust remover: Apply rust stain remover and watch the stains vanish. AK99 Rust Remover removes rust stains in and around toilets, sinks, showers and tubs. Removes driveway rust stains caused by air conditioner condensation. Removes rust stains on fiberglass boats caused by rusting hardware. Removes rust stains caused by sprinkler systems.

Super Deck Stripper
Super Deck Stripper is designed to remove all types of oil based and water-borne deck stains and deck sealers.

Super Roof X
Super Roof X roof stain remover removes black streaks and cleans asphalt, tile shingles and cedar shake roofing.

Wood Brightener
Wood Brightener acts as a neutralizing agent.  When used on new pressure treated lumber Wood Brightener / Wood Cleaner opens the grain of the wood to help the wood accept the stain and sealer more evenly.